Bestmen’s Pledge

Becoming an ex-bachelor is no joke. Especially if your surname is the most famous one in Africa and you’re marrying a princess. Because of that, I will need the bestmen, or Real Ex-Bachelors of Lilayi (REBoLs), as they have come to be known, to take an oath before assuming office as my compadres on this journey from bachelorhood to ex-bachelorhood.

Below is the pledge of allegiance that the REBoLs will have to read out while holding a Bible in their right hands, just before signing the important pledge:

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I’m Becoming An Ex-Bachelor

What’s This About?

So I’m getting married. And that’s what this category is all about and this is where I will be posting notes about the wedding preps.

Having lived in Lilayi, Lusaka, as soon as I get married, I will be referring to myself as the Real Ex-Bachelor of Lilayi (REBoL). To help me prepare for the wedding, I will be expected to recruit a high profile team of best men who will provide entertainment on that day. But their job will start way before the wedding day as their core function will be to provide me with moral support.

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