Building a Legacy: The George Sakala Story

If a person who just cooks nshima for a living is making more than my boss then I shouldn’t be working here.” “There is no excuse for not succeeding.
These are (paraphrased) words of George Sakala, the 24 year-old founder and MD of Febatech Fabrication Services and Supplies Company.

I caught up with George to learn about his exploits in construction and engineering.

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75 Years of the Dadster

If you ever thought I had a brilliant mind, get a load of this man… Today I celebrate 75 years of The Dadster.

In all my life, I’ve never seen him shed a tear. Even when things are tough, he has stayed strong. It is this kind of strength and fortitude that inspires me everyday to get stronger and to better my best. But while he is strong like that, he’s arguably the kindest and most pleasant man I’ve ever known, always ready to lend a hand to those that need it, and going the extra mile to help uplift the lives of others.

In Dad’s selflessness, he sold his last car just to get me into secondary school. How do you disappoint such a man? The number of sacrifices he has made for his family, both nuclear and extended are beyond mention. He gives, and asks for nothing in return. It’s God-inspired kindness, worthy of emulation.

Now Dad’s a genius too… This dude knows that a non-event mass with a quantum probability of zero only exists in stasis, he can deduce that a circle is a two-dimensional non-Euclidean continuum, and of course he can still derive the quadratic formula without referencing a pure math text book. And don’t even get him started on Heuristic algorithms.

But above all of this, he’s humble, loving, wise and God-centred. A true, father who has taught his children to not only look to God for success, but to also live God-fearing lives and to show grace to others. His wisdom and Godly counsel show in his everyday life. Oh, how I want to be like him when I grow up!

Dad, I may not be with you in person on your 75th birthday, but my heart is always with you. And everyday I pray that God will shine His face on you, according to the scripture (Numbers 6:24) that you and Mum gave me the day I ventured out of your house to start a life on my own in August 2009.

Dad, you are the best father that God ever made, so I gladly say “Long live the Dadster in joy and good health!” Salute!



From the Memoirs of a Former Football Association President – Part 2

As a continuation to my previous post about the Football Association of Sacred Heart (FASH), and as a dedication to the good footballers of Sacred Heart Convent School, here is the press release in the 2009 Term 1 Soccer Season. This release was made on Friday March 6, 2009, just 7 days before the start of the tournament.

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From the Memoirs of a Former Football Association President – Part 1

During my first formal job, as computer instructor at Sacred Heart Convent School, I spent most of my time in the computer lab with Windows 98 desktop machines that sported hard disks not bigger than 4GB. I also hung out with little humans (primary school kids), slightly older humans (secondary school pupils) and middle-aged humans (teachers and nuns). It was my job to teach all these categories of humans in this very humble computer lab. But the larger bit of fun was the other role the computer lab played… It was the office of the Founder and President of the Football Association of Sacred Heart (FASH).

The FASH Certificate for the Most Attractive Team in the 2007 Soccer Season.

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The Naked Man: A Lesson for Job Seekers

Prepping for a job interview? Here’s an HR lesson from The Naked Man


The Naked Man was the title of Episode 9 in Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother. It was one of my favourite episodes, and not only because it was hilarious, but because of what lessons could be drawn from it.

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Wong Zulu Online, With A New Twist

I first went live sometime in February 2010 with a simple Web site that advertised what I do. It underwent one redesign in 2012, but with the way the Web evolves, my site quickly became obsolete. And of course I should know… I work in tech.

Against that backdrop, I would like to officially launch the new look Wong Zulu Online service today, Sunday September 20, 2015, which happens to be the 31st Annual World Wong Day (my birthday, in case you don’t get it).

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The Older You Get, The Wiser Your Dad Gets

Between 1990 and 1996, I played chess with my father over 300 times. As I recall, I beat him about 13 times and we had about 9 stalemates. (Yes, that means he defeated me more than 278 times – no need to rub it in!)

Around 7.30hrs this morning, as I was prepping for church, I turned 31. Now, a couple of years ago, I heard Gordon Robertson from the Christian Broadcasting Network say on his birthday, “the older you get, the wiser your dad gets”. So I said to myself, how about I challenge Alvin Zulu I (hereinafter called The Dadster) to a chess match.

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Ten Years, Four Job Applications, Four Job Interviews, Four Job Offers (Part III)

Tough Start

3 months on my second job and I almost got fired because of the incompetence of a certain Internet Service Provider, which I will not name. Simply because, against my better judgement, I have chosen to keep them on the market, where they could potentially mess other organisations’ work by providing pathetic Internet services.

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