Haircut Records – Part 2

The sample hairstyles are in. Not only did the bidding barbers send in portfolios of their previous work, they made some suggestions of how my hair should look on my wedding day. One thing they all seem to have forgotten is that the haircut is for my WEDDING DAY, not WEEDING DAY. I mean, which part of me looks like I smoke blunts?

Anyway, the REBoLs are helping me critique the sample haircuts. Let’s take a look at them right below.

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Haircut Records – Part 1

It’s a crisis. The wedding ceremony is less than 18 hours away and my hair isn’t cut yet. And there’s nobody to cut it. The original blueprints for my haircut records are held by Ba Emmẳ and Ba Chris. They’re the only barbers certified to put blade to my scalp. But they’re in Chingola. So the boys have put some money together to fly me to Ndola. From there, I am to take a cab to Chingola, where I could either

  1. have one of the 2 barbers cut my hair, or
  2. simply photocopy one of the blueprints and return to Lusaka with it, and hand it to one of the barbers in the Avondale area.

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